The Alexandria Project – Fundraiser Release For Alexandria Hauser!!


Earlier this year Direct Feed’s Daughter Alexandria was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. The underground scene across the world has come together to make this release possible as a FREE GIFT to those wonderful people who want to help support The Hauser Family in this hard time by making a $20 or more Donation that will help them pay for all of the medical treatment she has received and whatever other treatments she may need. Much thanks and  respect to all the artists involved and all the people who have supported Alexandria and The Hauser Family through everything!!

Here is the link to donate and get your copy of The Alexandria Project:

Featuring Unreleased Tunes From:
Direct Feed – R.A.W. – CRS? – DJ K – 16AJ – Tester – gay porn videos Debaser – General Malice – Oscar Da Grouch – John Rolodex – Krinjah – Prodigal Son – SixFootUnda – Bodie – Crimes – Drumsmuggla – DL -  Evil Bastards – Jetpack Assassins – Natty Freq – Grizzly – Crimes! – Diode – Thorn on a Rose – Mighty Melody – Babel – Drum Unit

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